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Dynamic Tape is an exciting and completely new therapeutic and athletic tape. It is nothing like kinesiotape, is made from completely different material, has completely different physical properties and should not be used like a kinesiotape.

Dynamic Tape is a highly elastic tape which stretches in all directions and has very strong recoil properties, it can be laminated together to increase this power.

This design and unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body, it acts to:

  • decelerate motion
  • absorb load
  • reduce the work of muscles (that would normally do the above )
  • change movement pattern by pulling the body one way or resisting it in another
  • improve the activation of muscle by bringing it into a better position which allows it to generate force more effectively
  • change the orientation of a joint (add a rotation or glide) to allow it to function in a position of ease
  • provide strong postural correction ad resist unwanted movements
  • offload  the soft tissue to reduce pressure pain thresholds and tissue stiffness as observed with box offload taping to reduce compressive loading
  • improvements in circulation